Tuesday 22 May 2012

My Dad

Today it is six months since my Dad died.

It has been a difficult time as our family have begun to adjust to not
 having his big (loyal, kind, funny, stubborn) personality around.
I still keep going to pick up the phone to call and
tell him all my news...

So anyway, here's a very early Mary Hall illustration of my Dad!
I'd done it at school, and remember feeling so proud when the teacher
told my parents how much she thought the picture looked like him!
(Thank you kind teacher - I know it didn't really - but I reckon 
I captured his pipe and tash with panache!!)

Miss you Dad.


  1. A thought provoking post, with a lovely drawing.

    You can still tell him all your news, you simply don't need to use the phone any more.

  2. Hi Mary
    I THINK you said that my drawing for MUSIC for Illustration Friday reminded me of your Dad because of the man's sideburns. In your drawing he doesn't have them, but I'm glad you have happy memories of your Dad.
    Frances x

  3. What a lovely memory!
    Big hugs, Alisa x