Sunday 11 April 2010


I'm busy working on several projects at the moment (good thing)
so I've been neglecting my blog (bad thing)...
I'll be able to post images from the projects once they're
published, but in the meantime, this is Poppy, skipping...


  1. Poppy is a most welcome image.
    Good luck with all your work!

  2. I LOVE Poppy!!! That's great that you are busy. busy IS good!! Yay :o)

  3. Absolutely, busy is good, and I think Poppy is great, that's a really charming picture :)

  4. Gorgeous! I really love the palette too...Poppy is lovely! x

  5. Cute and fun. Looks effortless!

  6. Poppy's adorable! What a wonderful character!! Your stamp creations are so sweet!

  7. What a sweetie!! Love the limited palette.

    I know what you mean about neglected blogs, mine is suffering too while I try to balance the new experience of school holidays with an urge to revamp my style and therefore my entire folio... Phew!!

    Is there something in the air at the moment, seems like there's a lot of neglected blogs around the traps.
    Still, I'm sure your blog doesn't mind a little rest. It knows there'll be lots of yummy pics to come. : )

    Alisa x

  8. It's so beautiful and delicate... I' love your style....

  9. Love the style and the little use of colour.
    Love all your illustrations so cute :)

  10. Oooo she is so lovely! I would love to work with her in rubber:) She is so dynamic!

    Love it!

    Hugs Judy xx

  11. I agree! :D (so cute! I love her dress! I had one like that when I was eleven...)

  12. Go Mary go!
    (A pep for you in your work as well as for Poppy with her jump rope)

    Oh, and I like the new stamps!

  13. Thanks to everyone still commenting on my poor, neglected blog! I am busy working on several projects at the moment, none of which I can publish on here at the moment... I hope to resume blogging soon though...!