Wednesday 30 December 2009

Highlights High Five - Jan '10 Cover

I just received my copies of the January 2010 issue of
Highlights High Five magazine, for which I did the cover artwork.
This is such a great magazine, always full of artwork by a wide
range of illustrators. It's a real shame we can't buy it in the UK!
(click on pic for larger version)


  1. I recall playing happily for many hours with cardboard box houses when i was a child!!!
    No computers or digital entertainments, so we created our own imaginary worlds and lost ourselves in play.
    Nice cover image Mary :o)

  2. I LOVE this Mary! So perfect for January!!

  3. Thanks June! Yep, you can't beat quality playtime with a cardboard box!! Especially if you're still small enough to get inside it...!

    Phyllis - thanks too! I was admiring the gorgeous snowy view of your house on your blog earlier - so beautiful! But just popped back to your blog and see you've been busy with magazine work too... I've not come across Humpty Dumpty magazine - is that another US one?

  4. I like it! How you´ve done it? It was your idea or you had have to illustrate a strict commission?

  5. Congratulations, that's quite an achievement. We used to turn the kitchen table upside down and pretend we were on a boat while my mum washed the kitchen floor. Looking back it was probably a good way of keeping us confined while the floor dried!

  6. Thanks for comments...

    Tomas - It was to a strict brief, and went through several changes along the way - eg the cat was originally a dog, and an extra child got added towards the end (thank goodness for photoshop!) - great fun to do though!

    Nicky - yep, I remember doing the upside-down table/boat thing too! Also remember putting it on its side, putting a blanket over it, and it became a classroom - and our toy chalkboard could fit in it. I was then the teacher and could boss about several of my younger siblings....ah, happy days!
    ps you've got some gorgeous stuff on your blog -I've just been having another browse through it - don't know how I missed it before!

  7. Congratulations, this is a wonderful, wonderful illustration and such a great publication! Love those kids..they are simply so very sweet and full of character! And, by the way, I really enjoy your sweet illustration for your profile picture...very lovely piece!

  8. Congratulations on your cover! Lovey illustration.

  9. Congrats! How wonderful! The illustration is so sweet and in a great magazine! You should be very proud. Your work is great! :D