Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chloe the Storm Sister

'Chloe the Storm Sister', the eighth, and last in the series
of Spell Sisters books, has been published by Simon & Schuster.

Here's Chloe...

...and here she is in situ on the front cover!

And here's a colourful row of all eight books!

I'm sad to have finished the last book, but it's been a great series to illustrate.
Here are some of the internal b&w illustrations...


  1. such a joy to see your illustrations. the cover is awesome, i love all the water details. Congratulations on this project.

  2. So much work! You won't know where to begin with new projects after so many 'Spell Sisters' :)
    It all looks great, line work and covers. I hope the series is a hit.

  3. Terrific work! The books look beautiful, love the fluid lines of the illustrations, well done on completing such a mammoth series.

  4. The end of a magical era (sorry!). I particularly like your line drawings.

  5. I love your illustrations! I am 18 and I would also love to illustrate for children one day. Please check out the blog that I recently made: