Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's June...

...which means I haven't fed my blog for over three months!
(Shocking blogging behaviour I know.)
I'm busy working on several projects, but can't publish any of the
illustrations on here just yet. So here are few little snippets of recent work.
I hope to put more on here soon...


  1. Happy June Mary! Good luck with your projects, can't wait to see more x

  2. These are all such lovely snippets. :O) Can't wait to see more when you can share. Happy Summer!

  3. And about time too!
    I was beginning to think I might have to visit in person to see what was keeping you from your blog!
    Great to see even a little of what you are working on... keep going :o)

  4. Thanks for comments - it's good to be back!!

    Happy June to you too Cally - just been browsing through your blog - gorgeous stuff there, as always! Particularly love that chihuahua pic! (had to look up how to spell chihuahua there!)

    And Happy June to you Phyllis - just looked through your blog too - hope you're still coping with Christmas!!

    And of course Happy June, June!! Does this mean birthday time for you soon then?

  5. Hi Mary and happy June! What a great way to share your current projects. Good luck with them :)

  6. They look to be wonderful projects, Mary! Such great work you do...hope you've been well!

  7. Oh you big tease Mary!! ; )
    So so glad to see something new over here! Even if they are teensy… aww you get away with it cause they're super cute and we've missed you. xx Alisa

  8. Inspiring images, as always...
    Happy to see new work here!