Monday, 10 January 2011

Highlights High Five

Here's a spread I illustrated for the
Jan '11 issue of Highlights High Five.

Here's part of the original artwork...
...and a detail of the quilt.
A lovely little project to do...


  1. Please can I have the quilt?

  2. Hi June! Wouldn't it be great to actually have time to make a quilt like that? (slightly quicker to draw one!) I started making a quilt when I was 16 and I'm still adding bits to it every year or so - it's still not quite large enough to cover a bed yet! One day...

  3. There's a workshop at the Bristol Folk House this term to make a quilt in a day, Mary... Shall I get you signed up?

  4. A DAY, Frances??!! I assume such a feat would be achieved using one of those new-fangled sewing machine things? Now, I'm stitching all the sides of my little hexagons by hand...

  5. Bery nice Mary. And beautiful quilt!

  6. Hiya Mary, long time no chat!
    Gorgeous illustration, I hope to be that smiley granny one day! I adore the three generations idea. My Nanna is loads of fun, she doesn't do quilting but she does get out dancing tonnes more than me. Explains the smiles : )
    x Alisa